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When you are considering your website, consider the layout of the design. The navigation of the website is important for your user because users prefer to minimise the number of clicks before they get to where they want to go on your site. The navigation system can be horizontal or vertical and can have more than one level. The number of levels becomes more important as the website becomes larger. With larger sites, it may be necessary to have more than one navigation area and keep the primary navigation bar for the most used pages (for example, home page, contact page, gallery etc). Secondary and teriary level navigation can be accomodated by more than one navigation area. Sometimes the footer area at the bottom of the pages is used like a sitemap with links to every available page. Drop-down menus and slide-out menus can be the solution for more than one layer but sometimes these get in the way for the viewer. Here again, how the website is designed is important.