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A selection of web pages by Whiteduck Design is shown in the slideshow. Some of these sites are static sites and others dynamic sites using different content management systems.

More detail about the sites...

Slideshows and animated banners can be included in your website to add interest and for a visual representation of your product(s).The slideshow shows a basic scroll to the right transition but different transitions can be used as captions, titles, background styles and colours and other options.

The design of your website is important to you, to your viewers and to Whiteduck Design. To capture your audience, your website should reflect you and your business. Aspects of site design depend on the size of your website (which in turn may be influenced by the size of your business) and the ambience of the site can be influenced by the colour (for example, dark, light or bright). Logos can be an important aspect of product recognition for the user and colour schemes within the logo design are often reflected in the website. Whatever your choices for the overall appearance of the website, functionality is a key factor to keep the user searching your site.